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Trees in Girnar 220 trees photos with details of useful pdf

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Trees in Girnar 220 Trees Photos With Details of Useful PDF.

Trees in Girnar  220 trees complete photos with details of useful pdf. Many wild animals live in the forests. Forests protect animals from wild animals and animals. The atmosphere is cool. The air remains pure. Due to the abundant rainfall the trees increased. But due to the constant increase in the population, the land requirement for building houses, factories, factories, roads, railroads etc has arisen.

Also, wood was needed to make fuel and home furnishings. So the hapless forests were cut off. As a result, the area of ​​forests diminished. Humans have created hapless mansions due to their growing need.

Due to this, cultivation of land was also reduced. On the other hand, as many trees were cut, new trees were not grown as many as possible. As a result, the proportion of rainfall decreased continuously and the groundwater level has decreased continuously.


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Staying informed, we have now come to understand the importance of trees and have also come to realize the control of demolition. So we have prefaced some formulas: ‘Sowing trees, save life’, ‘tree nest, abad hometown’, ‘one child, one tree’, etc.

All these sources have suggested the glory of trees. June 5 is celebrated as ‘World Environment Day’. On that day, remedies for trees and environment protection are discussed. Planting is given great importance in it.

Trees in Girnar  220 trees complete photos with details of useful pdf. In addition to climate, geophysical and biological factors, the factors affecting the biological environment of social, cultural conditions are called environment.

There are Three Main Wrappers on Earth.

Biosphere Environment (Atmosphere) Among these three types of natural cures, nature has created a balance in many ways. Biscuits include biscuits, plants, animals, and well-equipped germs and all of them are based on each other.

But human beings are intellectual animals, and for their happiness, they started aggression on other animals and plants on the planet. That is why natural balance is at risk and many issues have arisen. Which we recognize as pollution issues.

Thus, environmental issues are man-made. Instead of focusing on the questions of the intellectualized human being, no one raises the questions, then raises the questions and then makes a blind eye to resolve it.

Knowing how much damage has been done due to the destruction of forests and forests, only if there is any idea of ​​the benefits of trees and other greens (forests). Trees provide us with the following requirements.


Trees in Girnar 220 trees complete photos with details of useful pdf…

Provides fuel needs. Provides food in different forms for humans and livestock. Timber provides timber. Prevents soil erosion. Controlling heat, air, humidity, etc. of the sun improves the climate. It is useful for rain. Hot winds as well Along with it, fine grains of sand and salinity are protected by animal-feeding and crops.

Protects them from floods and famine. They also provide shelter for the birds. Provides food for the people. Provides raw material for the industries. Increasing the wealth of property increases the prosperity of the people due to their products. Increases natural beauty. Pollution of noise It is helpful to stop.