Creative ABCD Alphabet with animal and fruit picture


Creative ABCD Alphabet with animal and fruit picture

Creative ABCD Alphabet with animal and fruit picture

ABC Letters Tracing - Let your child learn the alphabet, letter tracing

"ABCD Letters Tracing" is a specialized method for lacing tracing, supported by dotted lines and arrows that indicate where to start and how to create each letter..

Kids can trace with a finger, pick up sounds and bright illustrations to discover an amazing thing!

Your child will develop the fine motor control needed for kindergarten, while learning to recognize each character and that is the sound!

Teach your children to find the alphabet
Interactive Flashcard English Alphabet Learning
Guess the alphabet and coloring game for a toddler
Creamce Fill and fill colors with cream color
Fill and fill colors with nail art foot design
Interactive way to trace the alphabet by hand
Sound for each alphabet

Alphabets, letters, colors are the first few things that children learn in school. Funny and exciting Alphabet / Letter Games will appeal to parents and children alike.

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Learning animal names is an application for children to learn the names of animals with high quality pictures. We’ve added pictures of most common animals that kids really like. We've added the functionality of audio dio names for listening to remember names and also shown pictures of animals.

To guard videos from mobile elementary you neediness to exhibit an treatment in mobile which is called Diksha devotion and the second product is called youtube application. dialect of application, this appliance has been urban by the administrative area of Education, authority of India. Through this application, brood from the entire states of India be capable of make for online.

The app is really easy to use and does not require parental support. Animal flashcards are shown to children simply by sliding the screen or using the forward or backward buttons. When the new animal picture flash card is shown, then the name of the animal will also be pronounced.

The app includes pictures of animals in categories such as pictures of sea animals, pictures of wild animals, pictures of zoo animals, pictures of small animals, pictures of small animals, African animals, etc.

Hopefully this will be a great app for every kid, toddler, preschooler and pre-teenager.

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We Hope This Alphabets Useful To All Students And Schools. 

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