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VITAMINS And ITS FUNCTVitamin And Its Function

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VITAMINS And ITS FUNCTVitamin And Its Function

Vitamin A: This is usually necessary for the body to grow and be nourished. The eyes also get coolness like this and are found in milk, ghee, butter, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

This vitamin is very essential for the eye. This is most needed by children and pregnant women. If not enough vitamin A is available, newborns can also die. Vitamin A deficiency is usually found in various eye diseases. In addition, lung and respiratory illness, sinuses, colds, fever, teeth and bones weaken, weight loss, constipation, TB, ascites and deafness. To avoid all these diseases, you should take a vitamin A diet. Such as spinach, cauliflower, radish leaves, papaya, tomatoes, carrots, mango, groundnut, milk, butter, ghee, bananas and lemon can be taken.
Vitamin A is essential for normal vision. It stimulates the growth of the body and protects the baby against infection. Anorexia is one of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is beneficial for your bones. Avoid consuming foods like citrus and getting vitamin A. In addition, eat whatever you eat. Avoid overeating.

Vitamin use may prove to help prevent pancreas cancer. Study findings can be a useful step towards preventing disease. Hemant Kochhar, an Indian-origin physician at the Bertsong Cancer Intersuit, headed by this research group, has issued following important data studies. Most people do not survive for long after a pancreas has been found with cancer. The person suffering from cancer of the pancreas gets more difficult because of the panic after he gets information about his disease. The sacchers found that increasing the levels of vitamin A in cells adjacent to the cells involved in the disease could prevent the spread of cancer. The cells affected by this disease can be tried to prevent the disease from spreading to other cells. Britain's well-known newspaper The Daily Express quoted Cochran as saying that information about different swims for the treatment of the illness can be found through these racers. The medical coach says that this is based on one of the calculations proposed by Richards-3. Vitamin A is found in carrots and other carbohydrates. Vitamin A deficiency is most commonly seen in patients with cancer of the pancreas. The spread of the disease can be prevented by increasing vitamin A. The results of this research may prove useful for further abstinence. The research process under the leadership of Kochhar is likely to continue in the coming days as well. Because pancreas cancer is considered dangerous.
Major signs and symptoms
The child complains of not being able to see in the dark or in the low light. This symptom is known among people as blindness.


Irregular types of shape appear in the white part of the eyes. (Beetroot spot)
The triangle is shaped like a foam that is caused by a disease or injury to the eye.
Eyes dry up.

Vitamin B-1:
This deficiency makes appetite less and indigestion. The nervous system also has a bad effect. Barry-berry disease and heartburn are also the result of this. These are found inside milk, flour, and herbs.


Vitamin B-2:
This causes skin, tongue, lips to break out. This is especially found from the inside of wheat, spinach, peanuts, milk etc.


Vitamin K:
This deficiency causes blood to freeze and the risk of bleeding. These are found in leafy vegetables and tomatoes. Vitamins are important to the body. This vitamin has an amazing ability to prevent blood flow from anywhere in the body. Vitamin K deficiency causes blood thinning, bleeding and intestinal inflammation. Vitamin K is used to prevent liver dysfunction, tuberculosis, tumors in the body, blood loss before or after the operation or decrease. Vitamin K is available from spinach, radish, carrots, wheat, soybean oil, milk, green vegetables, lemons, rice, ghee, oatmeal, juicy fruits.

Vitamin C:
This is useful for teeth, bones and skin. These are found in abundance in leafy vegetables and especially inside the tamarind.

Vitamin D:
To prevent malnutrition of children - if the baby is too dry, keep the baby in the skin as soon as it can tolerate and the dryness of the baby will disappear within a few days if the grape juice is fed before milk or after milk.


Helps to build and maintain bones in the body. Apart from this, vitamin D also affects the intestines and heart. It functions in different forms in the body. Compared to all types of vitamins, the prevalence of vitamin D in India is declining. As a result, the bones become weak and can break. Bone diseases like osteomalacia also occur. The biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight. Besides, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, green vegetables, coconut, butter, papaya, yogurt, ghee, beets
This prevents infertility, the oil is found inside cereals, peas, spinach, nuts, peanuts etc.

Works to create red blood cells in the blood. This vitamin acts as an anti-oxidant in the body. It helps keep each color active. Fatty acids also keep the skin youthful with balance. In premature newborns, Tamin E deficiency reduces blood. This can lead to anemia. Children and the elderly may lack brain vitamin or neurological problems due to lack of vitamin E. Any disease can be infected soon. Apart from this, problems like jaundice, impotence, diabetes, hair loss can occur. Vitamin E is found in wheat, barley, dates, chickpeas, green vegetables, cream, butter, vegetable oils, sunflower and corn oils.



A - Retinol, for the protection of eyes and skin, anorexia
B1 - Thiamine, a berry for biochemical actions
B2 - Riboflavin
B3 - Niacin
B5 - pantothenic acid
B6 - Pyridoxine
B7 - Biotin
B9 - Folic acid
B12 - cyanocobalamin
C - ascorbic acid, for the immune system, scurvy
D - calciferol, for bone growth, Sutton
E - Trocopherol, for the integrity of cells, vitiligo
K - Phylloquinone, for diseases of the liver, diseases of the liver
What is Vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that makes the body's nervous system and blood cells healthy. In addition to brightness DNA is helpful. Vitamin B12 helps in recovery of Megaloblestic Anemia. That makes anemia a person weak and tired.
Typically (1) requires two steps. To absorb Vitamin B12 in the body through food, Hydrochloric Acid releases protein from the gastrointestinal tract into the body. This is called the Intrinsic factor. And it is absorbed into the body. What is Vitamin B12? How it absorbs it into our body. Children now know that… to what extent vitamin B12 is needed?
How Much B12 Vitamin Do You Need?
Every day you need Vitamin B12. Here are the quantities in each microgram according to your age.