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14 April, 2019

CHUNTANI - UPAYOGI PATRAKO ANE NAMOONA ,Prisiding Officer Assistant android Application Download.

CHUNTANI - UPAYOGI PATRAKO ANE NAMOONA, Prisiding Officer Assistant android Application Download.

The Role:
• Comply with any instructions from the Returning Officer
• To take charge of a polling station.
• To ensure that all electors are treated impartially and with respect.
• To maintain the secrecy of the ballot
• To supervise the Poll Clerk(s) at the polling station.

Duties Before Election Day:

• Where applicable, attend training sessions and briefings provided by the Electoral Services office
• Liaise with contact person for designated polling station before Election Day to confirm arrangements for key collection/opening and closing the building.
• In a multiple polling station, make contact with other Presiding Officer(s).
• Make contact with Poll Clerk(s) to check travel arrangements to and from polling station.
• Collect the Ballot Box and contents before the Poll and keep secure.

Election Day:
• Transport Ballot Box and contents to polling station.
• Erect polling booths. This involves some lifting.
• Organise the layout of the polling station taking all voter needs into account.
• Be aware of access issues at the polling station.
• Be responsible for health and safety at the polling station for all staff and visitors.
• Ensure the polling station is opened on time.
• Ensure that all signs and instructions are clear, visible and remain in place.
• Keep the polling station neat and tidy. 
• Instruct and supervise the work of the Poll Clerk(s)
• Account for, and be responsible for, all ballot papers, issued and un-issued.
• Check and mark electors’ electoral numbers in the register of electors and on the corresponding numbers lists.
• Issue ballot papers to voters
• Ensure that voters cast their votes in secret and put them into the (correct) ballot box.
• Provide assistance to voters where appropriate
• Receive postal votes delivered by hand.
• Manage the attendance of those entitled to be present in the polling station, eg. candidates, agents, representatives of the Electoral Commission and Observers, and ensure they do not interfere with the voting process.
• Be polite and professional when dealing with all visitors to the polling station and remain impartial at all times.
• Monitor the activities of tellers outside polling places