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Latest circular Education

Co - education is the recent system of education where girls sit and study along with boys in same classes and in a common college. This system was not popular in ancient schools and colleges. At that time, it was not considered appropriate to allow boys and girls study together in same institutions. Rather, boys and girls were sent to separate schools and colleges. Social mixing of boys and girls was not allowed. This was considered essential to maintain the purity of character in them.

Actually the elders of each family consider many disadvantages in co - education and that's why they are against sending their children or grand - children to such schools and colleges. They think that co - education makes their children absent - minded. The children become indisciplined and the whole atmosphere of the schools and colleges gets polluted.

The boys try all sorts of motions, gestures and songs to attract the attention of the girls. Even the girls tempt the boys for all sorts of indiscipline. Boys do not come for the teachers in the class. They keep combing their hair off and on and waster their time. The boys and girls all try to show themselves as heroes and heroines respectively and are mostly running to cinemas to see latest movies. The educational institutions start presenting a look of fashion parades. All sorts of unsocial and undesirable habits are developed and students forget to listen to their elders or teachers. In such an atmosphere, one cannot expect a good quality character.

Co - education is considered better from social point of view in spite of its various defects as explained above. Such a system of education gives an opportunity to understand each other's problems and, therefore, can co-operate better in achievement of respective goals. A healthy spirit of working and competing is created by co - education. The boys try to keep a polite and gentle character so as to give a good impression to their girls class - fellows. During their long period of education, they can better understand each other's psychology and even can choose their life partners from among their class - fellows. In this way, problem of parents to select a suitable match for their children is also solved. The boy and girl educated together make the best match due to their broad attitude towards life and closer understanding of each other's habits and manners of living, likes and dislikes.

અન્ય ઉપયોગી પરીપત્રો વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Co - education provides economical and advanced education to girl students. This is because same amount of money is invested to upgrade or provide better equipments and infrastructure in schools and colleges. Otherwise, funds would get diverted for constructing separate schools and colleges for girls. Further, in a free democratic country like India, we cannot deny education to girls along with boys, the girls must also be equally educated. However, where girls students take interest in greater numbers towards studies, there, special separate institutions can be established to impart education of each level and in various professions.

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Highlights :

• Multiple layers of video, pictures, stickers, enhancements , text, and penmanship
• Reverse your recordings for a solitary look
• Blending modes to make alarming, lovely impacts
• Add voiceovers, ambient melodies, voice transformers, and audio cues
• Editing instruments to manage, graft, and yield your video
• The Asset Store gives music, cut designs, textual styles, stickers, advances, and more to reinforce your video, refreshed week by week
• Speed control for time slip by and film impacts
• EQ presets, dodging, and volume envelope devices for vivid sound
• Keyframe movement apparatus to include movement to layers
• Export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS
• Apply diverse shading channels to make your video stick out
• Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and that's just the beginning
• Many, more highlights, alternatives.


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