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UNIT TEST (Ekam Kasoti) MATHS ENGLISH Solution 2020 std 3 to 12 PAT UNIT TEST.

Ekam kasoti Solution 2020 std 3 to 12 PAT UNIT TEST:


Gujarat government latest thinking According to the above subject, the entire education campaign conducts academic quality checks of each subject from Std 3 to 8, these are the subjects are involved for special work on paralogy therapeutic work of that subject and Ekam Kasoti Solution (unit test) as part of the SCE. Ekam Kasoti Solution is also available here.

The syllabus is also run digitally in this time of COVID 19 so this was 1st exam of all primary and upper primary students for this test. A unit test is conducted to evaluate the quality of classroom teaching work done by teachers in Std 3 to 5 and improve its quality. Ekam kasoti all detail for primary and upper primary details are available on this website.

Ekam kasoti Solution 2020 std 3 to 12 PAT UNIT TEST

During the second semester of the current academic year, the unit test of various subjects from Standard 3 to 8 will be taken in accordance with the timetable involved. The course for this unit test will be from the day of the test to the next week. The question paper will be prepared by GCERT as per the syllabus. Through the entire education campaign, it will be delivered to the district in soft copy every Thursday.

Ekam kasoti MATHS Solution 2020



STD 3 SOLUTIONDownload File
STD 4 SOLUTIONDownload File
STD 5  SOLUTIONDownload File
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STD 7 SOLUTIONDownload File
STD 8 SOLUTIONDownload File
STD 9 SOLUTIONDownload File
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STD 12 SOLUTIONDownload File
Each district must deliver the soft copy to the BRC on the same day and the BRC to the CRC on the same day. The CRC will have to deliver it to the school on soft print on Friday. The teacher will have to write the unit test questions on the board or the school can arrange a hard copy of the question paper per student if needed.

Ekam kasoti ALL Subject PAT Paper Solution 2020

The school will be able to pay for its own Composite School grant head. On a day of unit testing, the district project co-operation must be done at the district level at the local monitoring and management level to ensure that the unit is tested in a timely, confidential, and appropriate manner. Likewise, TPEO, BRC, CRC, and BRMP (all) at the taluka level will have to be done.