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Gujarat LOCKDOWN 2.0 Latest Updates

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Gujarat LOCKDOWN 2.0 Latest Updates

It is almost certain that the lockdown will continue after May 3 in the hotspot of Corona virus infection. Lockdown can be opened in areas other than that. However, the final decision in this regard will rest with the state governments.

  The issue was agreed upon in a video conference between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Ministers on Monday. After the meeting, Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy said most of the chief ministers are in favor of extending the lockdown after May 3. In the meantime there was a demand for a gradual increase in economic activity. All CMs have agreed to keep train and air services between the states closed after May 3.

  The meeting also asked the Prime Minister to formulate a strategy to allow lockdown according to the local conditions of the states. He assured that the state of the country’s economy is good. No need to panic, we have to continue the fight against Covid-19 with special emphasis on the economy. We have to become entrepreneurs and implement reforms to make the lives of citizens better.

The guidelines need to be strictly enforced
“According to experts, the effects of the virus will be felt in the days to come,” Narayanasamy said. Masks and social distance will become a part of our lives. That is why the guidelines of the center in the hotspot zone need to be strictly enforced. States should try to change the red zone first to orange and then to green zone.

The lockdown saved thousands of lives in a month and a half Prime Minister Modi said that the lockdown has yielded good results. Thousands of lives have been saved in a month and a half. However, the risk of the virus has not diminished. Constant vigilance is required.

The country has seen two lockdowns so far, both of which differ in some ways. Now we have to think ahead. In this situation, the goal of each state must be to take effective action quickly. Today, people want to come forward and find out whether their cough or cold is not a symptom of corona. This is a welcome thing.


The Chief Ministers of Puducherry, Odisha, Bihar, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Uttarakhand, Himachal and Haryana were given the opportunity to speak at the meeting. The rest were given the option of sending to the chief secretary or ministers. The meeting also demanded the formulation of a policy for the return of migrant workers. What are the criteria for hotspots?


The center has counted 30 district hotspots with more than 100 patients. The rate of patient doubling has also increased. But in many states, districts with less than 100 patients have also been declared hotspots. Five states, including Odisha, are in favor of extending the lockdown even after May 3. Exemption of road transport, opening of shops will be handled by the states. Nitish Kumar said that unless the Center conducts research in the guidelines, it is not possible to bring back the students trapped in the quota.

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Gujarat wants to open phased lockdown.

The second phase of the lockdown is scheduled to end on May 3. Earlier, the central government had twice allowed lockdowns on April 20 and 25 to revive the economy. However, the decision as to where the shops will be opened and economic activities will be started has been left to the state government.

LOCKDOWN 2.0 GUJARAT Latest Updates