Postman Paper Solution/Answer Keys : Exam Held on 24-07-2016

Postman Paper Solution/Answer Keys :

Exam Held on 24-07-2016

English Grammar (Not final)

Solution By Kishanbhai

1.        I have to buy ….. loaf of bread from the Golden bakery.

Ans: a

2.        I’m very tired, …….. over four hundred miles today.

Ans: I have driven

3.        When ….. Moon comes in between ….. Sun and the Earth, then is called lunar eclipse.

Ans: the-the

4.        Dr. Kent is the ….. option for a heart surgery in Mumbai.

Ans: best

5.        My friend ….. the answer to the question.

Ans: knows

6.        It was lightning ….. it did not rain.

Ans: however

7.        “Chitra, go and buy some tomatoes ….. potatoes from the market”, said her mother.

Ans: and

8.        Where ….. the motorcycle?

Ans: did you park

9.        Which team ….. the game which was played yesterday?

Ans: won

10.    Charlie went to Chicago with Tom on a train that travelled ….. the Midwest and Prairies.

Ans: through

11.    The meaning of word ‘Pandemonium’ is

Ans: uproar

12.    Convert the following to Active Voice from Passive Voice.

Admittance was refused to him by the guard.

Ans: The guard refused him admittance.

13.    A pot calling the kettle black

Ans: Do not criticize another person for a fault you may have done yourself.

14.    Every cloud has a silver lining.

Ans: Every unpleasant situation has a positive side.

15.    We never miss the water till the well runs dry.

Ans: You only realize the importance of something when it is gone.

16.    There is no love lost between them.

Ans: the two of them dislike each other.

17.    What is the meaning of the word ‘popular’ given in the passage.

Ans: Acknowledged

18.    What is the meaning of the word ‘strained’ used in the passage?

Ans: to pour the tea out of a sieve or filter.

19.    What was the initial use of tea?

Ans: As a medicine

20.    In which country, tea is a popular drink as ‘Green Tea’ and tea leaves are boiled in water and then drunk?

Ans: China

21.    What  is usually added as a sweetner in tea?

Ans: sugar

22.    Affluent

Ans: wealthy

23.    Lethal

Ans: Deadly

24.    Amusing

Ans: Boring

25.    Aristocrat

Ans: Commoner

This is not final Answer Key


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