When will the light bill come in the house bill of the month, every information from these mobile apps

When Will The Light Bill Come In The House Bill Of The Month, Every Information From These Mobile Apps

With the help of these apps, the Government can find all the information related to consumer power in their smartphone

The actual price of electricity will tell:

1. Can the states know whether or not they are charging fair prices from consumers.
2. Merit App informs the users about whether the state actually gives priority to cheap sources of power. It is often seen that they do not do this.
3. Consumers can compare prices that buy state electricity and spleen.
4. Electricity prices are updated on the real time basis in the spot market for each state on the electricity flow app.

Electricity information:

1. Customers can get information about power going through the AP power ministry.

2. Energy Friends provides you real-time information about going to power.

3. Apart from this, Energy Friends also gives information about sleeping and the reduction of ongoing electricity.

4. Consumers can get alerts on the reasons for downstream reduction.

5. More than 110 million messages connected to power cuts have been sent to the consumer since the launch of Energy Friends.