Congress announces first list of 77 candidates, who gets the ticket?

Congress announces first list of 77 candidates, who gets the ticket?

By kamalking | November 19, 2017

Congress first declared the first list of Congress at 9.30 pm, after the mandate was given to private voters for the first phase of voting. However, with the announcement of the first list signed by Bharatsinh, Congress rejected it in the second half of the month, as the BJP plotted to be conspiring. And said that their official list will be announced in Delhi within a few hours. The BJP does not succeed in its unrealistic intentions. The first list of Congress has come out, 70 candidates have been given tickets.Most of the legislators have been re-recorded. Shaktisinh Gohil wins election from Abdasa It will contest the elections only from Abdada. Siddharth Patel Dabhoi has been given ticket and Manish Doshi has been given ticket in Surendranagar. This list is unanimous and unacceptable to the All India Congress. This list has been released with the intention of helping the BJP. It has been revealed from social media either. It will be investigated and processed.

Manish Doshi, officially giving a statement, and Bharat Singh Solanki also said that there is no official list. The BJP has said that this suggestion has been done by any opportunist to help many elements of BJP. The list has been announced by the BJP to hide the way BJP is being opposed. The BJP has also been accused of being terrorized. Surprisingly, this list has also been forwarded to the election officer.

The question is that the most accurate fak list has come out so accurately that anyone seeing that this is true is wrong that this is true.

Who were the names in this list for the name of which seat?

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